Publishing isn't just a business to us. It's personal.

It's easy to get lost in the complexities of publishing. Too many people spend thousands of dollars going down the wrong pubishing path. Not knowing how to use the many options available, they end up frustrated and in the wrong place.

As a contemporary publishing services company, we help authors self-publish professionally and offer coaching and consulting services.

Our free PDF "Steps to Publishing a Book" provides your blueprint for success.

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After you've read "Steps," reach out through these links for your professional assistance.

A message from Gail Woodard, Publisher & CEO

As an author myself, I know how daunting a book project can be. I spent years as a strategic planner, marketer, and educator. For the past fifteen years, I've coached and guided both our authors and our team of professionals here at Dudley Court Press. I've been personally involved with every book project and author. If we work together, I'll keep an eye on your ultimate goals and we'll work together to create practical solutions for acheiving them.

My job is to help people like you to focus on strategic book development and marketing so that your book experience is satisfying and your book makes a difference.

We don't work with every author who knocks on our doors. We're selective. We work on meaningful books written by interesting authors. We want to help thoughtful people change the world through the books they write.

I look forward to learning more about your book project.

—Gail Woodard

Whether you choose a one-time Initial Consultation or Coaching with Gail, you'll get guidance and support to help ensure that:

  • You're writing the right book
  • Your book is published and positioned to meet your goals, and
  • You are comfortable in your dual role as author and marketer of your book.

Our team of professional editors and designers will be handpicked to match you and your project. You don't need to go any further to get the help you need. Get started today.