5 Tips to Market Your Book on Amazon

June 29, 2015

**amazon blogWant to maximize the impact of your Author Pages on Amazon? Here are five tips:** 1. Register as an Author on Author Central and be sure to claim all your books. Work with your publisher, if you have one, to set this up. 2. For each book, make sure you add as much material as you can to every category. You can spread the word about your book in these six sections: Book Summary, Editorial Reviews, From the Author, Front Flap, Back Cover and About the Author. Use them all. 3. If you don’t have material that exactly conforms, use the space anyway. For example, if you don’t have a Front Flap because you published a paperback or ebook, add copy that would be on your front flap if you had one. 4. In each section, bold the key phrases that tell the gist of the book so readers get the message fast. 5. Build out your Author Profile and keep adding to it every month. Add a blog feed, up to eight photos, a Twitter feed and videos. Readers like to get to know authors and this is a way to give them a peek into your life. So many authors don’t use these tools that the benefits to authors who do are invaluable. Author Profiles, used well, are a great way to showcase your book in the Amazon system.