8th Air Force Historical Society praises B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration

June 30, 2016

The president of The Eighth Air Force Historical Society, Birthplace Chapter (Savannah, GA) has high praise for Jerry McLaughlin’s new book, B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration.  B17_Flying_Fortress_Restoration_ReviewIn a two-page review of the book, Charles Sitrin says: “I found Jerry’s book to be well organized, extremely interesting, well written and easy to follow. The many photographs illustrate various parts of the restoration. I especially appreciated how volunteers or technicians who worked on the plane told in their own words the story of how a part was replicated or repaired. I recommend this excellent book to anyone interested in B-17s, aircraft restoration, or World War II history.” To read a sample chapter or to purchase your copy, click here to go to our bookstore: B17 Flying Fortress Restoration.  NOTE: This book will be available on July 20, 2016.  Pre-order now!