Gail Woodard and her team at Dudley Court Press do an impressive job of helping leaders present their passions and knowledge in well-conceived, professionally published books. Gail is an excellent guiding hand for people who need help in today’s complicated publishing environment. She knows what’s going on and she knows how to help people achieve their goals. Her clients rave about her and I’m happy to refer anyone I can.

—Ruth McMullin, Former CEO, John Wiley & Sons and Harvard Business School Publishing Corp.

Gail Woodard at Dudley Court Press has been my great partner in this venture. She was the voice of both compassion and reality. I am not a full time writer; but my ideas are full time and a book is one way to get them transferred to other people. I chose to work with Gail in no small part because she understood how my writing would fit into the overall picture of my work.

—Martha Johnson, Former Administrator, U.S. Government Services Administration, author of On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation and Personal Resilience.

Gail Woodard and her team at Dudley Court Press did a fantastic job of helping me structure my book. Everyone comments how the structure makes it eas for them to read and learn from my experiences. I really trust Gail and Dudley Court Press. If you’re looking for a great publishing partner, I highly recommend them.

—David Kriegman, former Chief Operating Officer, SRA International and author of Zero to a Billion: 51 rules entrepreneurs need to know to grow a government contracting business.

You were very helpful and enlightening. I would like to stay in touch with you. I can use guidance.

—Tom Hutton, business executive and fiction writer

In 2012, Gail Woodard, publisher at Dudley Court Press, asked me to write a book about my methods. I didn’t know how to write and wasn’t even sure where to start. With Gail’s help, I wrote Live Pain Free, which quickly became a best selling book at Kripalu Institute for Yoga and Health. Gail’s inspiration, knowledge and guidance made the whole process enjoyable and fast. The project flowed easily and steadily without any stress. My second book, Yoga for Pain Relief, led to my work being featured in a PBS special. I trust Dudley Court Press. I know they are looking out for my interests as an author. If you’re looking for a great publishing partner, I highly recommend them.

—Lee Albert, NMT and host of several PBS special programs

Dudley Court Press has been a great partner in my first publishing venture. I really wasn’t a writer. But with their help I’ve been able to become a successful author. They walked me through every stop of the publishing process, taking care of all the details. It’s been a great partnership and I’m looking forward to working with them on my next book. I trust Dudley Court Press, and I know that they have my best interest at heart.

—Joan Markwell, author of Softening the Grief: What to Say and Do to Comfort a Bereaved Mother.

Gail is a fierce advocate for her clients. She draws out the best in them and ensures they speak with authenticity, clarity and confidence.

—Tina Graf, Freelance Editor

I discovered Dudley Court Press online and was impressed by the initial personal phone call with the team. Hybrid publishing was new to me, but it made sense…The pace of the process appears to be carefully planned to keep the book moving while not overwhelming the author. I’d recommend the A La Carte program to writers who already have a quality manuscript but who don't want to waste a year or more looking for suitable publishers and to writers who have enough confidence in their books to make a financial investment.

—Liz Newall, author of You Don’t Have To Tell Everything You Know.

Thank you for affirming me and my gut desire to write a book. I feel blessed to be able to work with you. Thank you for being you, for being available to coach me and to give me your decades of wisdom!

—Dr. Bonnie Lyon, author of Through the Tunnel: Unlock the pain of your past and find the courage to grow up, not just old.

Please extend my appreciation to Gail for the very professional effort by Dudley Court Press [re: B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration.] It is a winner!

—E.G. Buck Shuler, Jr., Lt. General, USAF, Retired, Former Commander Eighth Air Force

The first time I published a book, I didn’t know what I was doing and picked a publisher that I found advertised in a magazine. The second time, I did some homework and selected Dudley Court Press. What a difference! Gail Woodard is a very experienced publisher and worked with me personally making recommendations and good suggestions. Her editor and book designer were superb. Gail actually cared about my book which was not the case with my previous publisher. It was great working with Dudley Court Press and I highly recommend them. I also feel that I made a good friend as part of the process.

—Jerry McLaughlin, author of B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration, Hap’s Wars, and D-Day 60 Years

Gail Woodard is a gem to work with. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and follow-through have inspired me to complete four books that had sat unfinished for many years and to re-release a book previously published in Singapore. Gail’s awareness of costs is evident as estimates have come remarkably close to eventual billings. Gail’s ability to draw together talented resources from around the world is impressive, and has made our four-year publishing journey together a great deal of fun.

—Frederick Fisher, author of Sinocide, Serendipity, Three Lives of Eve, Betrayal of Innocence and Confucius Jade.

I have no doubt in my mind how much praise you deserve for helping us with the look of this book. Sam is absolutely delighted. Absolutely. He can’t put it down. I feel the same way. What a treat you’ve given us.

—Donna and Sam Wright, The Way It Was

Our consultation led me in a direction I had not previously thought about. You must be psychic to have drilled down so quickly to identify my true interests, writing abilities and best course of action for me to be published. Anyone who needs assistance in their writing must…MUST…take the time to speak with you. Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I have pages of notes that will help me apply your advice in the coming months. Mil gracias, señora.

—Ricardo Small, writer

Gail not only shaped my book and made my message clear and concise, she also gave me a super subtitle that nailed the topic. I highly recommend her aching services to busy executives who want to get their book done. Gail will make it easy…well, easier, and you’ll be pleased with the result. I never would have been able to complete my book in the time I have without her assistance. Her guidance has been invaluable.

—Greg O’Donnell, Partner, BF&D

I wanted to say a huge thank you for your valuable insights and impressively professional take on my current situation. After our extensive talk I feel completely empowered and prepared for my next steps to reach my goals, including authoring a book. You are an amazing (life) coach and have an incredible ability to apply your experience and knowledge to a field which is not exactly your ‘neck of the woods’ I know, and even in a different country. Yet you made it as relevant and applicable as I could have ever hoped for. I have already adopted your suggestions and have been rewarded. I have partnered with a highly reputable colleague to co-author the book and start training/workshops together. Thank you again. I will keep in touch as I progress as I may need a dose of your wisdom sometime on my journey. THANK YOU GAIL.

—Susan Gregersen, DMV, MBA, MRCVS, Managing Director, Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes (U.K.)